PIW Q&A with Isabel James ‘19

After Isabel James’ internship fell through, she was able to find a very interesting internship by attending a Princeton in Washington event. Here’s the story.

Could you tell us about your experience with Princeton in Washington?
Thanks to PIW, I interned at NASA last summer. After my original internship fell through due to a backlog of government security clearances, I was unexpectedly stuck at home in D.C. I started attending many PIW events for fun after seeing an email from Career Services. A Princeton alum held an event at NASA and after speaking with him, he very graciously offered that his office could use an intern. I had an incredible time at NASA—I even got to travel to Buenos Aires with the team after having helped organize a conference!

Which events did you go to, and which stood out?
I attended a bunch of awesome PIW events, where I got to hear from many inspirational and well-known people such as Ben Bernanke, Cecilia Muñoz, General Petraeus, Terri Sewell and Ted Cruz. I also had the chance to attend some incredible private tours, ranging from the Capitol, the ESPN/ABC building, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Newseum! I often went to a lunch event (free food!) or a dinner event after work (free food!).

Is there anything that you would like to share with Princeton students interning in D.C. about Princeton in Washington? 
I would highly recommend that any Princeton students interning in D.C. this summer take advantage of PIW. I don’t think any other college has such an abundance of free, high profile events that are targeted at current student interns in the city. I grew up in D.C., but PIW gave me the opportunity to do so many cool things and meet so many fascinating people that I otherwise never would have met. Not to mention scoring a last-minute internship at NASA… can’t thank PIW enough! PIW is also the best way to meet other Princeton students in town.

For a full list of this summer’s Princeton in Washington events, visit https://piw.princeton.edu/events/.